Please read the below User Terms of Service carefully before using the site.

Preparing for the day…

We recommend being in direct contact with your photographer and keeping them updated of any changes. We also say it’s best to get there early - if you arrive at the meeting point 10/15 minutes before the arranged time, it ensures that you’re not late and therefore you’re getting all of your photography time. If you’re late, this can cut into your shoot. Your photographer may have other commitments/shoots after so if you’re not on time, there’s no guarantee they can stay longer. Any additional shooting time will be charged, starting from £125 an hour, depending on your package.

If you need to reschedule or cancel…

If you need to rearrange your shoot for any reason, we completely understand that sometimes things happen. Please let us know via email as soon as possible, with at least 5 days notice.

Our rescheduling policy is:

  • A minimum of 5 days in advance, you won’t be charged for rescheduling

  • Within 5 days of your shoot, you’ll be charged a £60 rescheduling fee

If you need to completely cancel your shoot, please let us know via email as soon as possible. Our refund policy is:  

  • A minimum of 5 days in advance, you’ll receive an 80% refund

  • Less than 5 days before your shoot, no refund will be issued and the payment will go to the photographer for their time.

  • If you are going to be late or unable to make it, please let the photographer know as soon as you can - they will wait for 30 minutes for you, but if they haven’t heard from you or had an update, this will be considered a no-show. Depending on the type of package you’re opting for, if the photographer has extra time, then you may be able to purchase extra hours if they are available. However, sometimes the photographer will have other shoots or commitments so try your best to be on time as they may not be able to extend the shoot and you’ll have the remaining time to capture as many images as the photographer can manage in the time left.

  • With the Custom People, Content and Events packages, it depends on how many hours you’ve booked the photographer for - if it’s a whole day and you’re running late, it may limit the number of photographs that can be captured. Always text and call the photographer to let them know as soon as possible! You agree and acknowledge that if you are more than 30 minutes late, no refund will be issued and the payment will go to the photographer for their time. Taylor Content is responsible for honouring our agreement with the photographer.

  • Our photographers are professional so will always try their best to ensure the shoot goes ahead in all situations. In the case of unforeseen circumstances or if the weather means that the shoot can’t go ahead (e.g. extreme weather conditions like a flood/storm, or if the shoot is specifically arranged to be outdoors), the photographer will offer an alternative location. If one can not be provided, a new date will be arranged that works for both you and the photographer. The photographer will be responsible for contacting you directly in this instance, including us in all correspondence in case we need to step in and help.

Other things to note…

1. Bookings, confirmation and before the shoot

  • When making a booking, you must select your type of package, location and all details required to make sure we can get the perfect photographer for what you’re after. Payment is required in full for the booking - this is a job for our professional photographers so it’s important to us to respect their time.

  • You will receive a confirmation email with all of the details you’ll need, including the photographers contact information, when the shoot is confirmed! You will have the photographer’s details 7 days prior to your shoot at the very latest.

  • Once a booking has been made, we’ll try our best to reschedule if you request a date change but this is subject to the photographer’s availability.

  • We reserve the right at any time prior to sending your confirmation email to accept, alter or decline your shoot for any reason, as long as we notify you at least 14 days prior to the date of your shoot, or 5 working days after your booking has been received.

2. Pricing and changes

  • We reserve the right to change our prices at any time but will always inform all customers of any pricing changes well in advance. Once an order has been made, the payment agreed upon can not be changed.

  • We take payment via Paypal and Stripe (certified for all major cards). All prices are stated in Great British Pounds and a 10% service charge is added to the total cost of the shoot to cover the Taylor Content management of the booking. You are able to confirm the total price of the shoot before making any payment.

  • For all custom bookings, a quote will be provided based on the details submitted by you. You can review this before accepting.

  • Although we will try our best to ensure all information on the site is correct, if we have listed an incorrect price as an administrative or typographical error, we reserve the right to cancel any orders placed at the incorrect price.

  • For any cancellations or refunds as stated above, payment that we’ve already received from you will be refunded and a confirmation email will be sent to the email address you’ve provided us.

  • If the photographer cancels, we will try our best to find you an alternative photographer and provide you with options for this, but if we can't find a replacement that you’re happy with, the full price of the shoot will be refunded. Alternatively, we can try to book another date with the previously agreed upon photographer.

  • All photographers on Taylor Content, although required to meet certain requirements, are not employees but third party independent contractors. We are in no way responsible for their acts or omissions, and take no liability for them in any way.

  • Ensure that you have booked the correct package based on what you want - if you book an incorrect package, we will need to ensure the photographer is able to proceed with the shoot based on your requirements. If you make an incorrect booking and the photoshoot does not proceed because of this, we will keep the 10% service charge and any expenses the photographer has incurred (if any), and the remaining balance will be refunded to you.

  • If you are booking a destination photographer who will need to travel for the shoot, all costs must be covered by you - this amount will be agreed upon by you and the photographer before the shoot is confirmed.

3. During the shoot

  • Any charges incurred must be covered by you. This includes admission or entry to anywhere, props you’d like to use, travel, food/materials/props, possible location hire, etc required for you, any additional people in your shoot and the photographer.

  • Neither Taylor Content nor the photographer are liable to pay for or cover any costs of the shoot.

4. After the shoot

  • The images will be sent to you within 72 hours if opting for one of our set People packages, of which there are three options. For any custom shoots (People/Content/Events), the date you’ll receive the images will be provided to you before booking. This is based on the type of shoot, number of images agreed upon and the occasion. This will be agreed upon before the shoot goes ahead.

  • The number of photos available in your selection will be the amount agreed on before the shoot commences, depending on the package you choose. The photographer will select the best images and these will be uploaded to your private, online viewing gallery or sent via WeTransfer, and unedited pictures will not be included.

  • Any additional images you require can be purchased afterwards if you’d like more of the imagery. This is dependent on the photographers price for this.

  • The images will not go through extensive editing but will be lightly edited, including colour corrections and exposure adjustments. The style of our photographers is minimalist and the photographs will have minimal editing.

  • For our set People packages, there will be one round of light edits/changes only. For any custom shoots, the number of light edits/changes will be agreed upon with the photographer before the shoot goes ahead.

5. Usage/Copyright Protection/Data

  • The images may not be used for any commercial purposes, unless the photographer is aware of this beforehand and this is agreed upon. If images will be used for commercial purposes, you must have explicit permission from the photographer prior to the shoot. All images from our set People packages are strictly for personal use only. No images may be used in a way where you will receive or charge money, nor may they be resold, relicensed or sub-licensed. Accessing, using, distributing, copying, downloading or performing content from Taylor Content is strictly prohibited. Images can not be reproduced or used on commercial photography sites or websites.

  • The photographers will retain all rights to the photographs that have been taken on your shoot, including all intellectual property rights to the photographs. Once payment has been made in full, you have a perpetual, non-exclusive license to use the photographs for personal use only. The photographer may use the photographs for their own promotional, advertising and marketing purposes.

  • By booking a shoot through Taylor Content, you agree that we have the right to use images taken by photographers booked through us on our website, social media channels and any internal/external promotional content or documentation. If you’d prefer us not to, you can state this on the form when filling this out as a preference but you understand that although the images won’t be used publicly (on our website or social media channels), the images may still be used for internal purposes.

  • Taylor Content have the right to monitor the content you submit but are not obligated to. You agree to abide by all copyright notices and any other restrictions.

  • By signing up to our newsletter or filling out our contact form to provide your information and details, we’d like to send you updates and the latest information on Taylor Content and Taylor Magazine. You agree to Taylor Content/Taylor Magazine contacting you about our services and sending you our occasional newsletter. If you’d like to unsubscribe to our newsletter, you can either click the unsubscribe button at the bottom or email us on

Taylor Content Code of Conduct

We want everyone to have a great experience and we ask that our customers and photographers are respectful at all times. All communication and bookings between photographers/clients should be done through Taylor Content - any bookings, additional time, third-party business or contact (including buying prints, extra time, passing on photographer details to others) organised outside of the platform will result in either/both parties being banned from using Taylor Content in the future. This includes arranging or booking future shoots with photographers found or booked previously through Taylor Content. We ask all photographers and users of Taylor Content to abide by this.

EXAMPLE: If you're booked a shoot through Taylor Content and want to book again with that photographer, you must go through us for this booking, for any and all future work. Please remember it is strictly prohibited to work with photographers who you have found or previously booked through Taylor Content, unless it goes through our platform.

Exclusion of Liability

The customer agrees to release Taylor Content from any liability for damage, losses, expenses and injury to them or to any person/property resulting from the use of our services. The customer accepts themselves as having full responsibility for any and all such damage or injury. Taylor Content will not be liable for incidents related directly or indirectly with our services, including without limitation, the acts or omissions of the photographer.

Changes to our Terms

Taylor Content reserves the right to change and modify at any moment the content of the present Terms of Service.


For any questions, queries or comments regarding our Terms of Service, you can contact us by email or using our contact form: