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For us, it’s so important to have photographers who are really passionate and believe in the message of Taylor Content - to create images that are ‘taylored’ for each person and each shoot. We work with photographers who have solid portfolios, experience and versatility, and a true love for creating stunning imagery. The key things we look for:

  1. Be professional and ethical

  2. Be reliable and creative

  3. Love what you do and be excited to create and deliver beautiful imagery

To join the Taylor Content team, photographers must agree to our Terms of Service and the below:

  1. Have a minimum of two years of professional photography experience, with an online portfolio of work showcasing skills in editing, lighting and creativity to be considered

  2. Have a professional portfolio that matches/resonates with the Taylor Content photography style

  3. Be able to speak a fluent level of English

  4. Have a positive, friendly attitude

  5. Be punctual

Photographers are free to take on assignments from other companies. To join us, apply here!

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For the set 'People Packages' only, will you be setting your own rates or going with ours? *
All rates for our Content & Events packages are custom and set by each photographer as/when these requests come in. More information on our rates for the 'People' packages can be found here: https://www.taylorcontent.com/people-package
Please enter your set rates for: Self Package: 1 person, 1 hour, 1 location, 15 images More Than One: 2 people, 1 - 2 hours, 1 - 2 locations, 25 images Family & Friends: 3 people or more, 1 - 2 hours, 1 - 2 locations, 35 images Additional Hours: Rate for each additional hour e.g. 1 hour, 2 hours, etc Additional Images From The Shoot: (e.g. 5 images = £50, 10 images, £100 etc)
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Please make sure you've read our Terms of Service and are happy with everything before moving forward. Read at: taylorcontent.com/terms-photographers

Read our Photographer’s Terms of Service before signing up.