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Fashion, lifestyle, portrait - you name it. As a professional photographer, I never say no to a creative photo op. Whether you’re a model on a hunt for classy shots or just looking for a magician who could make even the quirkiest ideas come to life - I’m always up for it. Also, my everlasting love for travel and landscapes has taught me to never underestimate the scenery of a photoshoot. The setting matters as much as the model.

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Photographer and videographer: fashion ,portraits, weddings, engagement shoots, proposals.

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My style is to capture raw untouched moments and to showcase the beauty in the ordinary. I like to keep it fun and light and will do anything to make you laugh! I simply adore capturing love between my couples and like to wait for the moments that may go unnoticed like a stolen glance, a quiet giggle or a sweet forehead kiss.

When you look back at your wedding photos, I want you to be able to relive the excitement, bliss and laughter all over again.

I am a seeker of light, story tale teller and a hopeless romantic. Let me share in your love story.

Amma is based in Brooklyn.

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Before I was a photographer, I was a ballerina. In my final years onstage, I fell in love with photography. The motions and emotions of ballet that had always inspired me were even more exaggerated and enthralling with a camera in hand, and I was immediately hooked. Camera in hand, I allow my subjects to be themselves, and by doing so I capture not just what your children look like, but who they are.

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My passion for photography began at a young age when I became the girl with the camera. Once I got my hands on my first DSLR, there was no turning back. I attended Marist College, studying advertising and photography and went on to work at a photography licensing agency in Manhattan. I am now proud to say that I am living out my dream as a full-time photographer in NYC, focusing on fashion and lifestyle.

In an age of smartphones and grainy photos, I want my clients to stand out from the crowd, and give them beautiful, meaningful photos that capture their vision.

I look forward to working together!

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