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Getting started

Q: Why should we book through you? Perks? Highlights?
A: Well, we are hugely passionate about creating beautiful memories for you and creating an easy, stress-free experience from start to finish. We work with a huge number of photographers all over the world who have solid portfolios, experience and versatility, and a true love and passion for creating stunning imagery. Because we have such a wide, varied network, you’ll have a number of options for date, time and style depending on what you’re after. We work as a concierge so you can trust that we’ll do all we can to make it a smooth process and find you an experienced, professional photographer so you only have to focus on enjoying your shoot! The images will be sent to you within 72 hours if opting for one of our set People packages, of which there are three options. For any custom shoots (People/Content/Events), the date you’ll receive the images will be provided to you and agreed upon before the shoot goes ahead.

Q: I really want to book a photographer! Where do I start?
A: That’s great news! First, read through our FAQs and User Terms of Service to answer any questions you may have. Then, select your type of Package and Location, and fill out the form to give us a bit more information about what you want. You can find more specific information on the Packages page.

Q: How does it work?
A: There are a few easy steps. First, pick your package, whether that’s the People package, Content package or Events package. Then, select your destination. Finally, fill out the form and we’ll reach out to the photographers you’re interested in working with to find the one who fits best with what you’re after (time, date, etc), Once everything is coordinated, we’ll send over confirmation of all details so you have everything you need. You’ll then be connected with your photographer to get everything sorted. Depending on the package you opt for, prices and arrival of photographs vary but if you book one of the three set People packages, you’ll receive your photos within 72 hours and be able to enjoy!

Q: How do I stay in touch?
A: If you have any questions, feel free to drop us an email on: or for anything urgent. You’ll be provided with a full itinerary and details on the shoot, including reminders.

Q: I want really specific imagery captured on the day! How do I send the photographer what I want?
A: If you have any images that will help explain to the photographer exactly what you’re after, you’ll be able to send to the photographer before you meet. Any sample imagery, mood boards or Pinterest boards are really helpful!

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Prices start from £160 depending on what you opt for. The price will vary for each shoot so we make sure the package is ‘taylored for you,’ and what you’re looking for. There are no hidden or additional fees other than the price we quote you and our 10% service charge which is added on to your package before payment is taken. If you want to purchase anything ADDITIONAL outside of the agreed package, this will be an additional cost to you. If there are any travel or admission fees (taxi, Uber, other transport, entry costs to museums or galleries, etc) along the way, these must be covered by you for yourself, any additional people in the photographs with you and for the photographer.

Q: When should I book?
A: We’d suggest booking as far in advance as possible. We’ll always try to find a photographer for you, even if it’s last minute, but ideally, we recommend booking at least two weeks in advance to make sure we can accommodate your request and find the ideal photographer for your vision! For big events like weddings, graduations or engagements, four - six weeks in advance is preferred.

Q: Do you do photography for every occasion?
A: Pretty much! The different packages vary depending on exactly what you’re looking for, but we do everything from weddings and honeymoons to food and travel photography.

The photographers and shoot

Q: Can I choose the photographer I want?
A: Yes! After looking through the photographers who shoot in your location, you can select a few that you like the look of and we’ll reach out to them to see who is available and able to take on your shoot. We’ll then be in touch when they’ve confirmed!

Q: How do I contact my photographer? Is it all done through Taylor Content?
A: Once a photographer is confirmed, your photographer will get in touch with you via email to discuss all of the details and arrange where to meet. If there’s a specific place you’d like to shoot, let the photographer know. They will be able to advise on any alternative locations if you ask them for suggestions! They’ll be happy to offer options on venue, location and time of day depending on the types of images you want to capture and the style.

Q: How many people can I have with me if I want to go for one of the set People packages?
A: This completely depends on which People package you choose. The ‘Self’ package is for one person, the ‘More Than One’ package is for two people, and the ‘Family & Friends’ package is for three people or more. For over five people, please fill out a custom People shoot form. The more people, the more time it takes to get amazing shots so keep that in mind when booking your package. There’s more info and starting prices available on our package page. For our Events packages, it’s completely dependent on the type of event and the photographer you choose.

Q: Are all of the photographers experienced and professional?
A: Absolutely! All of the photographers we work with are required to have at least two years experience and have demonstrated their photography skills with a portfolio of previous work. For us, it’s important that they are professional, reliable and excited to work with you!

Q: Can I select the images I want?
A: We’ll give you access to the images, which will be available to you online in a private gallery or sent via WeTransfer. Your photographer will select the best shots (removing any that are blurry or not quite right) dependent on their professional knowledge. As there are usually hundreds to choose from, the photographer will select the best photographs and upload them, lightly edited (colour corrected and exposure adjustments) and ready to go! The images will not go through extensive editing as the style of our photographers is minimalist and the photographs will have minimal editing.

Because of the huge amount of photographs taken on the day, it won’t be possible for the photographers to send over ALL images (there will usually be hundreds, if not more!), but trust that they’ll choose the ones that are most reflective of your brief and the style you've requested! If there are any specific shots you’d like the photographer to capture, let them know before you start shooting!

Q: How many images do I get?
A: This is dependent on the package you opt for or the custom form you fill out, and will be agreed with the photographer ahead of the shoot to ensure you’re both happy before the magic begins!

Q: What if I want to purchase additional images?
A: This is an option! If you decide after the shoot you’d like more than the previously agreed number of images, contact us and let us know - we’ll then be in touch with the photographer and depending on the number of additional photos, the price will vary.

Q: When will I get my images?
A: The photographs will be sent to you within 72 hours (if it’s a set People package shoot) for you to enjoy via a private online gallery or via WeTransfer so you can download your images! For any custom shoots (People/Content/Events), the date you’ll receive the images will be provided to you before booking. This is based on the type of shoot, number of images agreed upon and the occasion. This will be agreed upon before the shoot goes ahead. They will be sent as high resolution images in jpg. format, making it easy for you to download straight away.

Q: What if I can’t find a photographer in my city/country?
A: Just drop us an email to request a city! We’ll try our best to accommodate and find someone for you.

Cancelling and rescheduling

Q: What happens if I need to rearrange my shoot?
A: If you need to rearrange your shoot for any reason, we completely understand that sometimes things happen. Please let us know via email as soon as possible, with at least 5 days notice.

Our rescheduling policy is:

  • A minimum of 5 days in advance, you won’t be charged for rescheduling

  • Within 5 days of your shoot, you’ll be charged a £60 rescheduling fee

Q: What happens if I need to cancel my shoot?
A: If you need to completely cancel your shoot please let us know via email as soon as possible. Our refund policy is:  

  • A minimum of 5 days in advance, you’ll receive an 80% refund

  • Less than 5 days before your shoot, no refund will be issued and the payment will go to the photographer for their time

Q: If the photographer cancels, what happens?
A: We will try our best to find you an alternative photographer and provide you with options for this, but if we can't find a replacement that you’re happy with, the full price of the shoot will be refunded. Alternatively, we can try to book another date with the previously agreed upon photographer.

Q: If I’m running late, will that impact the shoot?
A: If you are going to be late or unable to make it, please let the photographer know as soon as you can - they will wait for 30 minutes for you, but if they haven’t heard from you or had an update, this will be considered as a no-show. Depending on the type of package you’re opting for, if the photographer has extra time, you may be able to purchase extra hours if they are available but you will not receive a refund for the time missed. Sometimes the photographer will have other shoots or commitments so try your best to be on time as they may not be able to extend the shoot. In this case, you’ll have the remaining time to capture as many images as the photographer can manage in the time left. With the custom People, Content or Events packages, it depends on how many hours you’ve booked the photographer for - if it’s a whole day and you’re running late, it may limit the number of photographs that can be captured. Always text and call the photographer to let them know as soon as possible! You agree and acknowledge that if you are more than 30 minutes late, no refund will be issued and the payment will go to the photographer for their time.

Q: On the day (or in advance) is it possible to extend the shoot at all?
A: Again, this is totally dependent on the photographer and their availability on the day! Our photographers will always try to accommodate any additional hours so if they’re available, then absolutely, we can extend! For this, prices start at £125 and vary depending on the package you’ve chosen, the photographers pricing and the type of content.

Q: If something urgent happens or I can’t make it on the day, what happens?
A: Unfortunately, for no-shows we are unable to issue refunds and the money will go to the photographer for their time.

Q: Are the packages weather-dependent?
A: Our photographers are professional so will always try their best to ensure the shoot goes ahead. If the weather means that the shoot can’t go ahead (e.g. extreme weather conditions like a flood/storm, or if the shoot is specifically arranged to be outdoors), the photographer will offer an alternative location. If one can not be provided, a new date will be arranged that works for both you and the photographer. The photographer will be responsible for contacting you directly in this instance.

Q: If I want to split my shoot into two (or more) days, is that an option?
A: Unfortunately, the shoot is purchased as a session and once confirmed, that will be the set date for you and the photographer (unless you reschedule and a date is agreed with the photographer prior to the shoot). If you think you’ll need more than one day to capture all of the content you’re after, you can book multiple days with the photographer you choose and you can state this on your form when you submit all of the information to us!

Privacy, sharing of photographs, other

Q: If I want to book a photographer I’ve previously found/contacted through Taylor Content, can I just email or message them privately?
A: We work as a photography agency, so all client communication has to go through us. It is strictly prohibited for clients and photographers to book additional shoots or engage in third-party business without going through Taylor Content (as listed in more detail in our User Terms of Service). Any clients/photographers found not abiding by this will be removed from the platform and prohibited from booking future shoots with us.

Q: Can I share my photos anywhere?
A: You have the right to use these images for personal use, but you may not alter or re-sell them. The photographers will retain all rights to the photographs that have been taken on your shoot, including all intellectual property rights to the photographs. No commercial use is permitted unless the photographer is aware of this beforehand and this is agreed upon. If images will be used for commercial purposes, you must have explicit permission from the photographer prior to the shoot. Photographers are also able to use these images as promotional material.

Q: Will you share my photos?
A: By booking a shoot through Taylor Content, you agree that we have the right to use images taken by photographers booked through us on our website, social media channels and any internal/external promotional content or documentation. If you’d prefer us not to, you can state this on the form when filling this out as a preference but you understand that although the images won’t be used publicly (on our website or social media channels), the images may still be used for internal purposes. We will only share images from your shoot on our website or social media channels if we have your permission. If you select that you are happy for us to share and use these images, we’ll send you some bonus images from your first shoot to enjoy!

Q: What is Taylor Magazine and how are you connected?
A: Taylor Magazine is an online lifestyle publication. Born out of the need to focus on all things positive, we believe you can have everything lifestyle, self-care, mindfulness, family, friends, travel and romance in one gorgeous location. We’ve cultivated an online community of writers and readers, and we love connecting with inspiring people from all over the world for our content, interviews and collaborations. It was through this that our founder, Ceylan, came up with the idea of Taylor Content, continuing the theme of connecting people.